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In Israel, it's a non-common nick name for one, who is the Manma"r in charge. hence: Dudation the Manma"r.
I can tell you this, our IT department is one of the best.
- well of course, thanks to Dudation the Manma"r
by Zahi Papo November 16, 2007
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a dudation is where you have two groups of dudes creating their own nation therefore making a dudation
group one:come on lets join our groups and make our own nation
group 2:ok then our dudation is complete
by dezza November 03, 2004
a small world for the sheltered people; the ones who don't know about the way of the world. These people live in a dudation.
If you dont know about sex, u must live in a dudation.
by MadGoth November 08, 2004

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