Proper name for a 25 year old male architecture student in Arlington, Texas named David. His middle name is Edwin and he enjoys blowing glass. His favorite person in the entire world is an amazing young woman named Holly whom he has the highest admiration for. It may be used as a noun or an adjective.
Noun: Wow David, your blonde hair is looking very fluffy today. You look kind of like a baby duck. I think i will nickname you Ducky.
Adjective: Wow David, I like your yellow shirt and Kevlar sleeves, you look very ducky today.
by Holly Morris December 07, 2007
One at which goes 5-3 with bphone in cal open central.
"Team, I belive we duckied it this season."
by Jordan December 02, 2004
ducky as in dicky as in british
jeeves is so damn dicky uh i mean ducky i mean dicky
by P_P September 16, 2006
dorky, stupid, insipid, uncool.
That class is ducky.
Those shoes are ducky.
by Jay May 22, 2004

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