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When people have sex
"Hey, You Gonna Get Some Ducky Tonight??"
by Brittany February 12, 2006
5 19
A Ducky is an ugly, fat, disgusting minger who drinks far too much alcohol and sleeps around the town with usually heavy-weight men. If seen, a ducky should be shot and not approached or made eye contact. Her mating ritual is appropriately named the 'minge dance', which involves rubbing her fun zone in intended victims' faces.
"Did you see that ducky on the dance floor? My god she was absolute filth!"
by The lash artist November 26, 2008
9 24
Someone Who Either Has Duck-Like Facial Features, Also A Name Homosexuals Call Each Other!!
Quack Quack! U Have An Uncanny Resemblance To A Duck Tosh....
by Yayo June 25, 2004
21 40
A Birdy that says Quacky and spreads Fluey
That ducky looks a bit sicky.
by Trance Ending November 28, 2005
13 33
some one who walks with their feet curved in ward to the point it looks like a duck
Some one who's feet curve inward
by S Perl January 14, 2004
8 28
woman who gives head
Yo dat chick was bobbin her head like a duck on my dick... she gave me some nice ducky
by jo'dane March 15, 2006
15 37
Proper name for a 25 year old male architecture student in Arlington, Texas named David. His middle name is Edwin and he enjoys blowing glass. His favorite person in the entire world is an amazing young woman named Holly whom he has the highest admiration for. It may be used as a noun or an adjective.
Noun: Wow David, your blonde hair is looking very fluffy today. You look kind of like a baby duck. I think i will nickname you Ducky.
Adjective: Wow David, I like your yellow shirt and Kevlar sleeves, you look very ducky today.
by Holly Morris December 07, 2007
8 33