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Duckie from "pretty in pink". To Pull a duckie is to act like the duck man himself. Different, often called weird. A dork in some sense with a style to match. Doesn't care what others think, and will do whatever he/she pleases for a laugh.
David pulled a Total Duckie.
by FP August 07, 2004
Used to describe a senseless feeling of boredom.
It's really boringo in here, lets leave! I've got to go to work, Boringo!
by FP February 11, 2005
The first part or the first sign of a yet to come trouble
nad: the boss was really tough with the consultant today, wasnt she?
mil: yeah well..this is the first kiss only!!
by FP March 10, 2004
An abbreviation. It stands for Federation Prisoner. This is a nickname given to Amuro Ray of Gundamforum.com/Amuro_Ray of #gundamplus on IRC chat.
Damn FP that sentence you typed had many typoes.
by FP June 05, 2003
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