a person who says random things and doesn't make sense. someone really weird and some what perverted. the things they say are usually sex related. a mix between a frat and emo.
the frat side: drinks a lot, makes sex jokes, a typical horn dog, flirts with any girl (even if she is taken, and he or she does this flirting thing infront of the person's boyfriend/girlfriend as well...)
and the emo side: a comment whore (he or she comments everyone blog's or friendster/myspace type sites), dress in the "i am different" way, shops at goodwill type stores (i.e. saver), always on instant messenger.
Stop it ducko, or the boyfriend is going to knock you out for flirting with his girl.

Who is this ducko guy that keeps commenting you?
by Ducko April 30, 2005
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