Identical to dogging apart from the fact it takes place on a water vessel.

dogging carping piking
As Carrie stepped upon the Coronenberg, she knew she about to have the ducking experience of a lifetime...
by Razzle August 21, 2004
Top Definition
The suggested word that predictive text on your cell phone writes when you try and say "fucking"
So last night I was ducking this hot chick and her ducking boyfriend walks in. Ducking hilarious.
by Kayne M. Dewhurst August 30, 2007
Leaving early or hiding, sometimes in order to avoid a certain person or a group of people.
"Chris is coming over tonight, he wants to talk to you."

"What? Oh Emm Gee. Fine, I'm ducking. I don't feel like dealing with him tonight. me when he leaves."

"I'm gonna go over to Clint's tonight and see a movie with him and Courtney."

"Yeah? I guess I'm ducking out then, I'm gonna take a disco nap, so call me when you guys get out of the movie."
by Anna-Rotic May 14, 2007
The act of ignoring or hiding, particularly from a person or place.
John owes Larry money so he's been ducking Larry for the past month.

by steven26atgmail February 05, 2009
When a girl puts two pringles in her mouth to form the illusion of a duck's bill and procedes to insert a penis though the "duck bill".
Dude I was munching on my pringles when this bitch came up to me and asked took two of them and started ducking me.
by Zuraxs Blows August 10, 2009
When your autocorrect feels the need to annoy you. Our phones are taking over our free will to speak.
Bob: I ducking hate Joe!
Bob: God Donut I meant ducking
Bob: *ducking
Bob: Duck this phone
Bob: I'm going to jump off a ducking cliff now
by N. D. Toilet August 18, 2014
Avoiding someone or something
Okwerdz challeged T-Rex to battle, but T-Rex made and excuse and was accused of Ducking Okwerdz
by Asian Power October 12, 2009
The act of inserting one's entire fist into a ducks anus, and then inserting the other fist into another ducks anus to take flight.
Me and Cody went ducking the other day in Virginia, we flew all the way down to Missouri!
by mittromneyyy December 27, 2011
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