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The action of a Duck being a Duck
That duck is so naturally good at Ducking
by TinTelsa June 25, 2014
Men being dressed in white as a cartoon ducks, wearing blue waistcoats only.
At the monster ball all men were ducking, and cackling in the background choir.
by 27ants March 02, 2014
Apple iPhone's auto-correct for "fucking"
iMessage: "Are you fucking kidding me"
iPhone autocorrect: "Are you ducking kidding me"
by Jonezie July 05, 2013
The act of staying good.
"Valeria and Leah stay ducking man. All day"

"You see that boy? He stays ducking."
by Leah114 June 14, 2008
The act of engaging in sexual activity with another person in a stupid manner, e.g. within a patch of poison ivy. Short for dumb-fucking.
Oh yeah man, I was totally ducking this chick last night. The dermatologist was suspicious as hell though when I had an appointment for the poison ivy rash.
by DaveoftheSalad June 14, 2010
The act of swallowing, whole, any given object.
James was caught ducking a salmon fillet.
by Mr Bins April 13, 2007
approved substitution for 'fucking'
this is ducking stupid
by Kengou October 10, 2003