a term used by the thugs for money, niggers an thugs usually use this word
yo bitch you mus got mad ducketts to pat fer them dubs
by Josef Konstantinov January 06, 2005
Top Definition
You dog yo got ducketts for this bag
by Mike September 19, 2003

To get beaten heavily by 10 games to 1 at a particular event
OMG I just lost 10:1 in Streetfighter 4, I just did a Duckett!
#lose #fail #beaten #destroyed #owned
by Kragma September 16, 2014
not to be confused with "ducats", the currency used in europe before world war 1, ducketts is nigga money.
Yo, dog, i gots me sum mad ducketts from dat brotha.
#money #black #cash #flows #dollars
by dat_home_boah December 07, 2009
Anything that can, may, or will accumulate over a period of time.

Can also be used to express sexual climax
"Look at the ducketts of beer bottles on my floor"

"Man I got my ducketts off this weekend"
#hoards #bunches #tons #expression #lots
by allen J May 15, 2006
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