Items of a lootable nature, looted off fools. Dollars, moneys, trinkets, biscuits, etc...

Synonyms include, but are not limited to; Dockets, Squackets, Squampets, Squangles, Jangles, Biscuits, Baskets, Basquitos, Butternut Squashticles.
Bitch! Gimme dem duckets! DUCKETS!
by SukapunchTRICK! November 15, 2011
"Duckets" is the way people who are illiterate spell ducats. These people are so stupid they think that the phrase comes from rappers or Shakespear when in fact it was an ACTUAL type of currency. The ducat is a gold coin that was used as a trade currency throughout Europe before World War I. Its weight is 3.4909 grams of .986 gold, which is 0.1107 troy ounce, AGW, actual gold weight.
Freekin R-Tards.
Most idiots on Urban Dictionary think that duckets is slang for money when in fact it ducats ARE money.
by zentide November 21, 2008
A word that keeps fuckin' comin' up when you hit random on Urban Dictionary.
by Estafon September 03, 2005
Devon's fictitious form of currency; remuneration.
"Yo Lydia, I gots to get those duckets to pay dem bills."
by Annievan January 19, 2008
Tickets, as though to a concert or sporting event.
John: I bought a ducket (duckets = plural) to the yanni concert

Ed: Wow your a pussy
by IMPACT_12GA August 04, 2005
smack, paper, flow.
Nah, I ain't goin to the nickle with baby duckets.
by d-boy May 06, 2003
a Bucket which is more commonly used for pouring water rather than containing it
quite similar to a bale bucket (for gettnig water of ships) except Duckets have a spout feature to make pouring easier
how am i gonna fill this big tub up with water!?!?!

woah man, calm down, use a ducket, here you can borrow mine
by Skellyhell September 15, 2005
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