very smelly ball sweat or person that is very stanky
"the class smells "
"i kno its pleuler that duckbuttering snitch"
by duckbutter behs April 08, 2009
Kevin Van. Kevin Vans refusal to shower makes him reak of duck butter. he "doesnt give a shit"
Kevin Van reaks of duck butter
by Rico "scumbag" Paco Van April 24, 2005
Smegma: the substance found under the foreskin of uncircumcised penises.
His duckbutter hadn't been washed off in many days.
by steve f. January 26, 2006
A film in your ass thats so thick you can spread it like butter
Man i havent showerd in a few days and i got some sick DUCK-BUTTER going on all up in my butt! wanna see?
by Gabriel "GeEBaH" Labody August 08, 2006
A rich and flowing mixture of male and female cum.
by cruznsquaw January 17, 2003
The sweat right between a mans testicle sac and leg that has condensed and gathered lint, hair, dirt etc... Usually the stinkiest/manliest part of the mans body. Although it is gross, women will always be attracted to it.
Oh, Billy's Duck Butter smells so strong! I just want to spread it all over my toast!
by chaka430 March 10, 2015

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