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Cumming on a girls tits and then spreading it around.
Last night when we had sex, I gave her buttered biscuts.
#buttered #biscuts #tits #smear #cumming
by actiongaston March 05, 2010
The act of pounding a girl in the missionary position in her pussy, then flipping her over to doggie style and pounding hes in the ass from behind.

This process can be repeated as desired by the participants.
Dude, that girl last night was a total freak! I really opened up and gave her the old flip and dip!
#pussy #ass #missionary position #doggie style #pounding
by actiongaston February 25, 2010
In the true fashion of the Dirty Sanchez, you wipe the sweat and funk off of your cock and balls; then wipe said funk underneath an unexpecting guy or girl's nose, but above the upper lip.
Don't fall asleep during the football game like Nick, or you'll get a DuBois duck butter surprise.
#duck butter #dirty sanchez #nose #upper lip #delicious residue
by actiongaston February 24, 2010
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