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Dumb + Fuck = Duck
a dumb fuck
stop taking off my hat u duck
by Willie the Great April 04, 2005
A duck is a small multi-colored dick (due to wacking off with self tanner)wheeling kid who loves to talk shit about fine girls that he can only hope to have a chance with. Also a person who annoys the shit out of those girls boyfriends but is too much of a coward to say anything to either of their faces.
That dumb fuck just text messaged me talking about my girlfriend.. what a fucking duck, I hate that dumb ass
by Your Daddy December 31, 2004
Someone who is corny!
"Look at that duck over there"
by Anthony January 19, 2004
a sickness

a bird of disease
Im a fuckin duck today
by ducks R us September 24, 2003
a small yellow creature who some find sensual pleasure and attraction
vick and Lo love made love to their ducks.
by booya sister January 28, 2003
it a penis you stupid fucks don't you all listen to music
Call up your sister so I can get my duck sucked.
by bo January 22, 2004
a term used for sexual pleasure.
Lauren loves getting ducked.
by Andrecito February 17, 2003