Is a guy/girl who is a sucka, will give you their money, do what you say doesnt have a mind of their own.
Ima call my duck up i need some money.

That nigga right there is a duck always kissin snoop ass.
by Angel Geezy February 08, 2005
a busta ass nigga who does what ever a woman tells him
follows a hoe around and gives her money
man i cant kick it wit my nigga no mo
duck ass nigga
by scizzle74 August 27, 2004
When a female "ducks" under a desk, table, or under the dashboard to give you head.
"Hey Marelle. Can I get a duck?"
by kyle May 12, 2004
a boy. often gay... but not necessarily, can just be a girly boy.
hey slinkster, let's go duck hunting.
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
a dime pice broad
its some ducks at da club 2night
by lil ridgeway 34 August 18, 2003
What a duck lover calls her boyfriend's cock.
After feeding the ducks at the pond, Jennifer was really horny and got fucked by her boyfriend's massive duck.
by K-Squid April 25, 2007
A man's masturbatable penis.
Aaron said "BRB" then proceeded to feed the ducks.
by RandomDude July 01, 2003
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