vb. to fuck

In the world of predictive texting, the word fuck is replaced, often unnoticed by the sender, to duck. Known to be common on Blackberries and iPhones.

will you duck me tonight?
by MadHat Unspecific September 05, 2008
The word that your phone corrects the word fuck to.
Carl: I'd duck her.
Carl: Duck, I meant to say duck.
Carl: Duck this.
by ReallyWeirdGaming December 31, 2015
A duck is a bird thing. It swims. It's also a replacement for the word fuck
Person: Look at that cute duck!
Person: Duck you, John!
by IshiftSandvich October 10, 2015
what autocorrect always changes fuck to
Guy: Hey baby, wanna have anal tonight?
Girl: duck no!
by Schnappoulop October 16, 2015
A girl with a big butt and no boobs
"Oh man, don't you think Katrina's hot?"
"Nah man, I'm a boob guy, I'm not into ducks."
by princess whats-her-name August 28, 2015
what happens when you type fuck and your dumb smart phone thinks you meant duck and you get screwed over
Guy: Hey wanna duck?
Girl: No I already have chickens and hate them.
Guy: *shit now what am I gonna do I wanna get laid but now she thinks I'm trying to do nice things* Uh haha oh well and my phone auto corrected it to duck... I meant to say do you wanna fuck
Girl: go duck yourself you perverted duck
by noreligionneeded March 06, 2015
n: A frog that can float, grew wings, a beak, learned to quack, became oddly deformed, and became vegetarian.
v: To grow wings and a beak and quack occasionally.

Jake: Look at that sexy beast
Duck: Quack
Jake: How do you duck
Jo: Like this, quack
Jake: Quack

And so they grew wings and flew off into the sunset only to be shot down .
by BobTehSeal January 21, 2015
An autocorrected form of "fuck" that usually makes you seem like you are academically challenged as you struggle to correct the word, but autocorrect keeps fixing it.

"Hey you missed an awesome party bro"



"Do you mean duck?"

"Awe duck man you too?"
by Nipple421blezit July 07, 2014

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