stupid looking
"Ray Ray just got outta jail, robbed a store and went right back. he looking like a duck."
by indi July 29, 2003
An autocorrected form of "fuck" that usually makes you seem like you are academically challenged as you struggle to correct the word, but autocorrect keeps fixing it.

"Hey you missed an awesome party bro"



"Do you mean duck?"

"Awe duck man you too?"
by Nipple421blezit July 07, 2014
1. n. : An insufferable female sub-human often found with a swaggot. These obnoxious females are often very cruel to others, loud, think they're prettier than they actually are. The name duck comes from the usage of duck-face. Also see "popular kids".
2. n. : a shortened version of dumb-fuck.
3. n. : A water fowl that is known for the 'quack' sound.
A: "How much more of a bitch could she be?"
B: "What'd you expect? She's a total duck."

A: "I wonder what Obama's last name is. I don't think I've heard it before."
B: "Duck."

"Have you ever gone down to the park by the lake to feed the ducks?"
by Yolocaust Anonymous July 30, 2013
a very strange female, has a strange laugh, and has strange typing habits
dude, that girl is a DUCK, i mean, have you heard her laugh?
by scheenhnzscah vinn October 26, 2012
Code word for strippers in Mexicali, Mexico. Popular strip clubs include Meow Meow and Mosca
Wanna go and feed the ducks tonight?
by Carne de Rez February 09, 2012
1) a bitchy person, a fake person, a liar.

2) a person who is all bark
"You know that chick Stephanie? She is such a fuckin' duck."

"He said he was gonna kick my ass, but I know he's just a duck."
by gangbangchang February 03, 2012
To discretely announce that you have farted in the presence of others.
Jess: "Duck"

Cart "That one stinks!!"

Ferret ducked; I think he need to check his drawers!!

Don't duck in a car!!

If you're going to duck, at least roll down the windows!!
by Ferret2 November 04, 2011
1.A cute little bird that swims, flies and quacks too!
2.Also, it means to lower your head.

Guy: ''Hey look, theres a duck!''


Guy: ''Duck!''
Guy2: ''Woooooooooooooow!''

Guy2: Thanks, I could have got hit there!
by Rubbrduck March 16, 2011

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