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3 definitions by sirfiendsalot

The need to watch football everyday, as that is what you've been accustomed to for a month. It is helped though by the frequency of matches being reduced as the world cup continues; acting as a tapering mechanism in the process.
John: What's wrong Mark, you ok?
Mark: Nah, this world cup withdrawal is killing me!!!
by sirfiendsalot July 08, 2010
When you take a dump and realise you forgot to refill the toilet paper, so have to duck walk to the cabinet, get the toilet paper and duck walk back.
Person A (in toilet) : Can you get me some toilet paper please?

No reply.

Person A: Oh fuck, im gonna have to suck it up and do the duck walk.
by sirfiendsalot July 13, 2010
An e trip, it can only take place after the consumption of pills. Usually happens after first pill experience but due to bunk pills it may not take place the first time. The trip can be made more spiritual by adulterants such as ketamine. Symptoms include an understanding of the world, increased empathy and the desire to play with soft and/or colourful objects.
Person A: I feel like i've lost touch with the world and am confused.
Person B: You need a pillgrimage.
Person A: But i'm not religious how will a pilgrimage help.
Person B: You are confused indeed, but are in need of a pillgrimmage.
Person A: What?
Person B: Just come to the rave tonight and you'll see
Person A: Aite safe
by sirfiendsalot July 13, 2010