the slang term referring to a greasy penis bubbly discharge which is caused when a male is sexually active with raggedy bitches; side effects include male queefing, irritating itchiness of the pee hole, and long term horrendous odor of the male genitalia
in a further note: this unpleasant experience has been named "duck sauce" due to the oddly familiar sound of a duck quacking during the male's queef stage included in the side effects listed above
Bro, please tell me you didn't dick down that raggedy bitch last night. She's been known to give others a gnarly case of duck sauce. That should go well with your special fried rice though.
by LORDof-theTUNDRA April 04, 2011
Top Definition
The sweat that builds up on the taint during athletic activities. May be used as a substance in horseplay between males.
That guy just wiped some duck sauce in that guy's face.
by B1RDMAN August 13, 2006
a kind of sauce mostly given out to people who order Chinese take out. if you have at least five pounds of the sauce, then it becomes a party.
Guy 1: "What am i going to do with five pounds of expired duck sauce?!"
Guy 2: "Throw the sickest, most off the walls party this planet's ever seen!"
Guy 1: "You tried some of this stuff, didn't you?"
by ImitationJesus December 05, 2010
The Asian version of apple sauce with a tint of Asian inspired sweet and sour flavor.
According to Chit Chit, duck sauce is apple sauce.
by Blue Mountain February 16, 2012
This word can be used in a vast amount of situations. Basically meaning something bad or out of the ordinary happening to you. Or something happening that would ONLY happen to you. Otherwise meaning, getting fucked over and it having it be funny.
Damn...I just got hit with some ducksauce
by queeeeeenb December 28, 2010
An extremely annoying person.
1"Dude I totally know your girlfriend's cupsize. Oops, didn't mean for the entire class to hear that."
2"God, why is he bein such a ducksauce
3 RJ
by Saviroxursox1394 October 15, 2008
a.k.a Dick Sauce. ejaculate. sperm. skeet. semen. butter. make-a-baby-juice. baby-batter. etc
man.. ol' gurl done went n done swalled that ducksauce.
by DuckSauce713 October 05, 2003
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