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A layered (not mixed) drink made of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish cream and Crown Royal (in that order, and ideally with just a float of Crown), the Duck Fart is to Alaska what the Mai-Tai is to Hawaii and the Margarita is to Mexico.
After a bad day of duck hunting nothing goes down better than a good duck fart.
by Kajoe August 29, 2006
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A delicious layered concoction containing Kilua, Bailey's Irish Cream(or any other cream liqueur will do), and Crown Royal(or Wild Turkey Whiskey). It usually comes in the form of a shot and is poured in the order as written above.
Man oh man that duck fart was good. Bartender line me up another!
by Matthew Calkins May 12, 2005
Throwing Flat Stones off of a bridge perpendicular to the water will occasionally achieve a duck fart, or a peculiar sound effect where the water breaks twice creating a longer sounding "plop". Imagine what your farts sound like in the bathtub or hot tub and you've got it.
Jimmy was skipping stones down by the bridge the other day. meanwhile I was up top trying to get my stones to "duck fart".
by iFap4DaytonaCoupes August 22, 2012
A special sounding-fart created when flatulence is released shortly after or during use of a shower, bath, or pool. Due to the moist areas involve, the air passing through creates a gross noise similar to a duck's quack.
Tim: "Hey, is Johnathan out of the shower yet? I really need to use the bathroom."

Peter: "I'm not sure, but judging by the duck farts I heard in there, you don't want to use it right now."
by SamuraiJuffy May 07, 2008
When you fart so duck-like, you'll bring a new meaning to the phrase "Duck!" Usually juicy and deathly.
That duck fart was so loud, we thought a duck was in the room.
by Frank Rumber January 09, 2012
In baseball, a ball hit by a batter into the the gray area between the infield and outfield, usually tailing away from whoever is trying to catch it. Also known as a dying quail.
Surhoff blooped a weak duck fart into shallow right field.
by Joseph Gennaro July 21, 2005
a phrase used to describe the release of air from a woman's vagina during oral sex
"melissa just duck farted in my mouth, fuck it tasted like the football team !" .. "which football team ?" ... "all of them, the filthy fucking pig"
by metro anthony November 01, 2005

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