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Duckbear is the gamefaqs joke account to top all joke accounts anywhere, ever. He's a fat slob who couldn't get laid if his life depended on it.
At first he plagued LUE with his topics and messages of redemption and terror, but then he spread to all the boards on gamefaqs. Back in the day, even the administrator would get mad at him for his absolute holiness.
Duckbear(gamefaqs), Christian Carlos(gamefaqs), Soldier of Christ(BOL)
by Kahzakahna April 29, 2004
Member of GameFAQs.
Y halo thar buttsecks?
by BZer0 December 04, 2003
A fat kid
Duck Bear is a Fat KID
by Chris Phillip February 10, 2004
The defintion of XD
Duckbear said something and i said XD
by Insane Santa October 15, 2003
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