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n. (1) a person who forgets to zip their pants after using the bathroom. (2) a scatterbrain; a flibbertigibbet. (3) a person who confuses a deer with a cow. (4) a person who confuses something for something else that it plainly is not.

v. (1) to forget to do something obvious. (2) to be ridiculous.
Don't be a duca, XYZ your pants.

I'm not surprised she tripped on the curb, she never looks where she's going. She is such a duca.

You didn't bring the sleeping bag on the camping trip?!? That is a very duca thing to do.

Is that a horse? Whoops. No. It's a fish. That was obviously wrong. I guess I duca-ed that one.

#flibbertigibbet #ridiculous #scatterbrain #silly #absurd
by jon hf February 03, 2008
shits in the urinals and smears it all over the walls
"ohh dont do a duca, you dirty shit!"
#sick #ew #hair #yum #poo
by anonimusSssssSs September 13, 2008
A Dumb Ass ass hole or otherwise dick head..
May also suck cock
Austin is a wicked ducas
#dicke head #ass hole #dumb ass #bitch #penis
by Todd Nathan October 05, 2005
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