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Awesome music that makes people dance like fools
Chad: This song is eargasmic but why is everyone dancing weird?
Max: Its dubstep, who can blame them?
by Danny Blaine June 21, 2011
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the music that is created from transformers having sex
dubstep is the music that causes orgasms for all ages 10 and up
by carsoncb August 23, 2010
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Dubstep - Dubstep is music centred around bass.

It draws on many musical influences. Such influences include, dub, reggae, d'n'b, jungle, UK garage, grime, techno and IDM.

Usually around 140bpm in tempo, the unifying sounds within dubstep are always bass and sub-bass.

The music ranges in style from melodious instrumentals to dark, techy and distorted numbers.

Many UK grime mc's also mc over dubstep tracks, although grime and dubstep should not be confused.

Dubstep is usually mellow and generally has a well paced structure to each song. Grime beats are generally more disjointed, the overall production level being grittier than that in dubstep.

Several dubstep producers, labels and radios etc - D.D.S, Nex Level Records, Hench, SubFM etc
by uk pat January 12, 2008
4769 1762
A genre which is filthier than fingering your sister and finding your Dad's wedding ring...
I prefer Dubstep over sex
by STEPPA March 24, 2010
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womp womp womp womp
dubstep is like womp womp womp womp
by turdburgerEarl December 22, 2010
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A genre of electronic music originating in the UK. It is characterized by deep bass and sub-basslines. Dubstep probably has one of the most ridiculous fanbases out there. The fanbase mostly consists of people ranging from 14-18 years of age. Most of these "fans" are preppy kids who listen to dubstep not because they like how it sounds, but because they think it's "cool", and that's what all the "cool" kids listen to. Those kids make up about 85% of the fanbase. The other 25% are actual dubstep fans, who appreciate the rythm and basslines and aren't just looking for filthy drops. Dubstep isn"t about mind fucking noises, it's about the rythm and the feel of bass sounds. Unfortunately, 85% of the fanbase do not have the intelligence to grasp this truth, and continue to search for and listen to what they think are "filthy dubstep tracks". Dubstep fans also feel the need to let everyone know about their affection for the genre. Wearing dubstep clothing and accessories, having dubstep phone backgrounds, it's so stupid. If i was into rap music, i wouldn't go around wearing shirts and hats that say "rap". My phone background wouldn't be the word "rap". This just proves that people like dubstep just because they think it's cool. This is what it is. Dubstep is a genre of music, not a religion. I love dubstep, but it's like some sort of ego-inflating disease. I honestly can't wait for it to die so only the true dubstep fans are left.
Me: "There needs to be a dubstep holocaust."
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A broad term for the deeper, rootical sound of post-Garage music. Related to Grime, Eski, Sublo, 8Bar. A tongue in cheek descriptive term in the UK tradition, like Jungle.
Hatcha, Horsepower, Digital Mystikz, Skream, Ghost.
by rzr April 11, 2005
1087 408
Dubstep is a bastardization of Drum and Bass, House, Electro and other genres of Electronic Dance Music into something that sounds like one of a few things at any given time that are not limited to but include; a chainsaw fucking a toaster, the sound of defecation whilst on Acid, broken speakers.

The last of these has led many an unwary listener to question a DJ's knowledge of his EQ and sound levels only to later find out that it was not any hardware failure that caused the angry sound of dubstep to assault their ears -a sound that has often been described by many true followers of PLUR as being "violent" "hateful" and "vibe crushing".

Dubstep is often described as being "filthy" "grimy" and "dirty" by its fans, which is ironic as they also describe themselves with the exact same words. Much like the bros that dubstep has excreted into the modern rave scene; dubstep should be divorced from raves as it does nothing to further the scene and is only destroying it like a cancer.

Dubstep should not be played at any event, ever.
Person A "Hey, did you hear the new Skrillex track?"

Person B "You mean the one that goes "wubwubwubwub wump wump wump wubwubwubwub?"

Person A "Yeah! That's the one!"

Person B "No."

Person A "Then how did you know what the track sounded like?"

Person B "I didn't, it's dubstep so I just guessed and made shit noises."
by Kemikal-Rabbit December 06, 2011
992 409