womp womp womp womp
dubstep is like womp womp womp womp
by turdburgerEarl December 22, 2010
The stupidest and most repetitive "music" in the world.
1: Dude i was just listening to some dubstep, soo prime!

2: So you were just listening to recordings of guys pushing buttons.
by FTW MAWTHA April 03, 2011
the biggest abomination to the techno music genre to date
Dubstepper: "Hey man you want to go check out this new dubstep song i got"

Me: "...you've got to be fucking kidding me...let me guess the beat goes 'whomp,whomp,whomp,whomp,whomp'"

Dubstepper: "wow you have it already?"

Me: "you're a moron."
by twegz18 February 08, 2011
The act of taking a perfectly good song and buttraping it with a chainsaw. It is comparable to terrorism, or the minecraft creeper.
*song starts*
Person: Heyy this sounds good
Person: oh no it was a dubstep song x_x
by PhishR October 30, 2012
this music genre is similar to fart noises on acid
(youtube live dub step concert)
by Wilfred Henry O'Brien October 31, 2011
A DJ having a seisure with his equipment.
He ends up making crap that crackheads think is music.
DJ Winston had a seizure with his DJ equipment again. My kids call is dubstep.
by The Ghost of Billy Mays September 13, 2012
one word: wub.
hey, listen to that wub wub wub
yeah, thats dubstep.
by pewpewpew123 June 06, 2011
the most awfull music on earth, created and listened to by complete tools who think WOB WOB WOB is good music.
Ew, do you hear that dubstep?
by hjfklasdjf August 16, 2011

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