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Combination of "web" and "dweeb". Individual who spends the majority of their waking hours on the internet. In particular, they indulge in posting links to deliberately disgusting or obscene websites throughout forums, and/or seek "hook-ups" in chatrooms.

(Hopefully someone else or myself could come up with a better synonym in the future.)
I often wonder if these dwebs have a recognizable occupation outside of cyberspace.
by bill kapok March 16, 2005
A certain person that is ironically correct during an argument, however used to "abuse" them to correctly end an argument, and fail.
*Argument lost*
Jane: I dont care, You set of "Dwebs"
by Mysteryname... January 10, 2012
A group of websites that are data driven, or rely on data for their existence. Each website providing its own specialized information, but together providing the complete picture. A dWeb for a certain travel destination would be a group of sites that provide information on dining, entertainment, lodging, etc. Together, they provide a complete dWeb.
That website is such a dWeb, you can find everything there.
by foxprogrammer October 27, 2010
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