A girl who acts slutty when listening to dubstep, especially at live shows. Dubstep makes them feel horny and causes them lose their dignity.
Dubstep makes her horny; she must be a dubslut.

As soon as she heard the drop, she was all over him. What a dubslut.
by i-love-dub November 21, 2010
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a girl, usually of scene or emo attire who performs fellatio and or other sexual acts with multiple males for only reason that he drives a ballin' volkswagen.
dubber: "so guess who i got head from last night..."
other dubber: "*insert dubsluts name here*"
dubber: "yup"
other dubber: "yea man, she's such a dubslut"
by DanSan382 August 13, 2010
An individual who considers themself a fan of, thoroughly enjoys or even writes dubstep music. Synchronous to Dubstep's typical slang of things that are negative to depict positive aspects of Dubstep, Dubsluts pride themselves in a name that would typically be socially negative.
Have you ever attended a bass church? It's always full of dubsluts!
by MioXM December 04, 2011
Slut to DubStep
they were such DubSluts that they would do anything for a dirty drop. not to become confused with a TrapWhore.
by TrapWhore November 18, 2012

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