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An individual who considers themself a fan of, thoroughly enjoys or even writes dubstep music. Synchronous to Dubstep's typical slang of things that are negative to depict positive aspects of Dubstep, Dubsluts pride themselves in a name that would typically be socially negative.
Have you ever attended a bass church? It's always full of dubsluts!
by MioXM December 04, 2011
An American Coffee Company that runs about 5-10% of all coffee in the World. Typically will only be purchased by people who would burn their money for addictions. Will continue to sell coffee for about 800 years until the human race has become so stupid they can no longer use Coffee makers and will pioneer the first legal world-wide prostitution company.
"Wow, I could really go for a Starbucks..."
"Me too! I want a Vente!"

800 years from now...

"Man, I want Starbucks..."
"Perv! Ok"
by MioXM July 24, 2009
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