Aka Double Shit Sex. The act of both parties excreting fecal matter while partaking in vaginal intercourse. Traditionally the man is on the toilet shitting while the female straddles while shitting between his legs and fucking.
Man-"Hey baby, totally need to shit right now, and i'm horny"
Woman-"I wont make you decide, lets DSS"
Top Definition
Disability Support Services. The office for students with "special" needs on a college campus. Often abused by the stupid kids who claim they have a problem like ADD. In return they get help with reading and tests so they can graduate. Often called "Dithability Sthupport Sthervices" by those who work there.
"Tom's failing english so I told him he should go to the dss office"
by SnakesonyourMom September 03, 2006
Downs Syndrome Sonic, a meme produced on the Sonic Retro forums. It was found in the Sonic 3D Blast 825 Beta and the Saturn Tech Demo.
http://info.sonicretro.org/images/6/67/Downs_Sonic1.png - A picture of DSS
by Dalekinator March 05, 2009
Abbreviation for "Darts, Sky & Sofa"
Q. What have you been doing today?

A. I've just been doing a bit of DSS.

(Playing Darts, Watching Sky TV & Sitting on the Sofa)
by LondonAJ December 08, 2010
1: Do Some Shit!
2: Doing Some Shit.
Meaning a fight or course of action will follow, commonly used with OWDT "oh we doing this."
3: An act has been followed through (done some shit)
trav: "Hey Fonz, DSS!"
fonz: "aight doggy bring it you fuck!"
trav: "Let's DSS THEN BITCH!"
fighting commences
by Alfovis August 07, 2006
Digital Satellite Service, DSS digital satellite television transmission system used by DirecTV aka Dave, or Dish Network aka Charlie code names in the underground or coders.
Yo, you got the keys for DSS 'f Charlie? Is plastic still working with Dave?
by RoTalk July 10, 2006
Dick Suck Session

Coined by JP and ES
Emily bought me all this shit, i would have settled for a nice DSS
by Evan O`dourny March 25, 2010

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