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A city in south-central Washington State. Riddled with crime and gang violence, the depressed area around and including the city are known for a high unemployment rate and low property values. Yakima has earned the nicknames "Yaki-Vegas", "Yaki-shithole" and "Yaki-crack". The official city slogan is "Yakima, the Palm Springs of Washington," which couldn't be farther from the truth.
Friend: "What should we do today?"
Me: "We could go to Yakima, listen to the hispanic radio stations with our windows rolled down and carjack an '86 Oldsmobile."
by SnakesonyourMom September 11, 2006
Disability Support Services. The office for students with "special" needs on a college campus. Often abused by the stupid kids who claim they have a problem like ADD. In return they get help with reading and tests so they can graduate. Often called "Dithability Sthupport Sthervices" by those who work there.
"Tom's failing english so I told him he should go to the dss office"
by SnakesonyourMom September 03, 2006

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