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a super elite crew of hard hittin' gangsta's with guns and forties and blunts and shanks in their hands at all times.
man, those dsk kids sure are badass!
by lab March 09, 2004
Dick Sucking Knees- the effect that performing filacio on a person has on the performer's knees. The knees tend to develop irritation from kneeling for an extended period of time.
Guy: Last night was amazing but my girlfriend has been complaining about her DSK's all day.

Guy: Look at that queer! I can see his DSK's from here!
by kwood dawg April 24, 2009
Death Star Killaz, a gang of hardcore thugs that not even the emperor would fuck with
"oh dsk? what? dont you even think of fuckin with them, my friend did, and he came back without any arms or legs, and they cut his eyes out and shoved them in his ass....."
by DSK501ROTJ August 05, 2008
*No Example*
by other_guy February 06, 2004