first generation Mexican-American. That didn't have to swim over.
I work with a bunch of drybacks.
by erb1er August 08, 2007
Top Definition
An illegal immigrant from Canada who's in the USA.
-Hey, look at all these super cheap prescriptions Raphael brought over!
-I love that dryback; he saves me so much money on happy pills!
by Sid Barrett January 04, 2009
The opposite of a wet back, as a wet back works on lawns all day for cheap labor becoming sweaty. A "Dry Back" works in a air-conditioned Cubicle for tons of money for just for messing around with a computer and writing up papers.
David its 70 out side and we our working our ass off for your lawn while your inside chillin with the A.C on. man pay some one else to do this you dumb dry back.
by Andre Samuels November 21, 2007
A mexican-american chicano to the bone homz!
beans and tortillas.....its whats for dinner!!
by WALDO 0ne-0 November 03, 2003
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