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Masturbating without any kind of lubrication due to time or location constraints.
I only had a few minutes to jerk off before I would get interrupted, so I was forced to dry rub.
by uncle johan May 10, 2009
When a stripper grabs your penis from the outside of your pants and gropes you up and down.
Back in Miami there is this awesome strip club that gives dry rubs when you get a lap dance.
by EchoTango August 21, 2012
(1) What a really gay Chili's waiter missing incisor tooth tries to do to you if you wear too much hair product. It involves vigorous penile massaging and BLT sandwiches (it's a lunch special).

(2) A special way to prepare meat (your own or someone else's)
Dave almost got a dry rub at Chili's yesterday. Rob really wishes he had gotten a dry rub from Dave after dinner.
by David Lassiter November 13, 2006