1. adjective, Intoxicated due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
2. noun, A person who is currently in a drunken condition.
'Last night at the club we kept doing shots with all these cute gay boys. Suffice to say, I got a little drunkypants before the night was over.'

'I know you think you want to call him now, drunkypants, but you'll be sorry when you sober up. Now give me your phone before you do something stupid.'
by Something_Vague June 16, 2007
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The pervibial "pants" one wears when becoming a bit too intoxicated. However, drunky pants can also lead to wearing naked pants, then walk-of-shame pants.
"Dude, I'm SOOOOO drunky pants right now!"
by NayFace May 05, 2010

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