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1. The woman who gave birth to you and/or raised you.
2. An all-purpose insult, used to end a conversation, cover for the fact that you can't think of a witty comeback, or pwn somebody. When used in this sense, the implication is that your mom is sexually promiscuous, of below-average intelligence, grossly overweight, or any combination thereof. Does not necessarily have to make a lot of sense, e.g. 'Your mom goes to college!'
3. A ho.
Dick: '...therefore, your argument can be proven irrefutably incorrect.'
Jane: 'Your mom!'

Jane: 'Ew, this pizza tastes weird.'
Dick: 'Your mom tastes weird.'

Dick: 'Where's the remote control?'
Jane: 'I left it in your mom.'

Stephen Hawking: 'The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order.'
Dick and Jane: 'Your mom doesn't happen in an arbitrary manner!'

by Something_Vague June 16, 2007
A thick growth of hair on a man's (or, I suppose, a woman's) ass. Extremely unattractive.
'Whenever he gets drunk he thinks it's funny to pull his pants down and show us his butt, but the joke's on him. Now everybody totally knows he has a CRAZY ass carpet.'
by Something_Vague June 16, 2007
1. adjective, Intoxicated due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
2. noun, A person who is currently in a drunken condition.
'Last night at the club we kept doing shots with all these cute gay boys. Suffice to say, I got a little drunkypants before the night was over.'

'I know you think you want to call him now, drunkypants, but you'll be sorry when you sober up. Now give me your phone before you do something stupid.'
by Something_Vague June 16, 2007
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