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A party of friends where each guest brings a wrapped or unwrapped gift containing his or her preferred alcoholic beverage for another person from a list constructed by a drunkmas santa via facebook, text or any other means of communication. Only when the gift is consumed can the giftee drink whatever they please. Also a drunkmas mrs. santa is a person, male or female who drives the party to tacobell or preferred late night fast-food restaurant.

This goes by the honor system don't be an ass.
John - Man this drunkmas is harsh I got tequila straight as my gift.

Jane - Holy drunkmas jello shots are awesome.

Joe - Whoa this guys a cheap ass he got me a 6 pack of busch lite for drunkmas.
#drunk #christmas #holidays #weekend #party #theme #friends #fun
by RevCon0 August 28, 2013
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