Drinking alcohol with the intent to get extremely shitty.
"Hey Rebecca! Are you drunking tonight?"

"Yeah Jake! I'm already there!"
by R. Master Flex February 27, 2009
Top Definition
Drinking with the intention of getting drunk.
Are you drinking or drunking tonight?
by ChrisMelb August 16, 2007
Drinking with the deliberate intention of getting very intoxicated
Jim and I were drunking last night, and boy did I get drunk.
by Michelle "the awesome" Mojo December 21, 2008
the stage where your particularly drunken state and still drinking heavily
answering the phone and saying "im drunking" letting the other person know what you are doing and how you are at the same time
by Paul Hinwood April 04, 2008
To be drunk and cause shennanigans; to drunkly break shit, cause trouble, start fights,and stumble around.
Tenn was out drunking last night, she broke 2 benches and fought a complete strager.
by random.,. October 10, 2010
The act of consuming one shot of alcohol at every kilometre while distance running. The better the workout the more drunk you get.
"Hey, I have a bottle of Grey Goose, want to run 8km and go drunking."
by mariras May 24, 2013
To be drunk and cause shennanigans.
to drunkingly break stuff, cause trouble, and start fights.
by blahblahblah_M October 10, 2010
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