A good Korean hip hop band.

But why do they drop n-bombs in their songs?
Drunken Tiger: "I engage for the battle, feel the wrath, niggas hesitate, move over make a path for the drunken tiger, son / we walk with a glare, niggas call us the enlightened one"

Drunken Tiger: "With my drunken technique, niggas flee, doing my deadly combos I'm the Law like Tekken 3, you can't fuck with me"

Drunken Tiger: "Put your hands up, put your hands up, all my crown sippin' niggas put your hands up."

by White K-pop fan September 10, 2008
Top Definition
pioneers in Korean Hip Hop
Tiger JK and DJ Shine are the people the group ones from cali and another from queens, ny
they arent that bad their old songs are good
by Dong Woo February 14, 2005
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