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an accident that happens when you are drunk. often comes in the form of a huge mistake.
jacob: dude, i boned the snot out of lexi
andy: J, man ain't that bitch pushing 300 lbs
jacob: i'm just joking, i didn't fuck her
andy: you're lying! you did
jacob: did not
andy: did to!
jacob: man fuck you, i'm sick of playing these childish games
andy: just admit it. you got drunk and stuck your knife up in that bitch's country crotch.
jacob: alright, but don't tell anyone. it was a drunkcident.
by mride123456 February 17, 2008
An accident that happens well your drunk.
Barry im sorry i broke your lamp, it was a total drunkcident.
by Jsnyder June 26, 2013
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