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the title given to a useless tramp who is only good for fucking. bitch is so worthless that it isn't even worth remembering her stupid name.
jay-zebra: man i fucking railed that hoe so hard she started calling me Amtrak
kanye: fool what was her name
jay-zebra: i didn't take the time to learn twat-cha-ma-call-it's name... and rightfully so, she's useful
kanye: true dat
jay-zebra: ditto
by mride123456 February 17, 2008
an accident that happens when you are drunk. often comes in the form of a huge mistake.
jacob: dude, i boned the snot out of lexi
andy: J, man ain't that bitch pushing 300 lbs
jacob: i'm just joking, i didn't fuck her
andy: you're lying! you did
jacob: did not
andy: did to!
jacob: man fuck you, i'm sick of playing these childish games
andy: just admit it. you got drunk and stuck your knife up in that bitch's country crotch.
jacob: alright, but don't tell anyone. it was a drunkcident.
by mride123456 February 17, 2008
when a bitch is so dumb that when she's on her period, she doesn't have a tampon or maxi-pazzle, so she is forced to stick her ipod (likely nano) up her twat-cha-ma-call-it to stop the bleeding, just like a tampon. get it already? not only does this method not work, but it ruins da ipod.
dumb-bitch1: lordy, i'm about to start my dot.
dumb-bitch2: you mean period?
dumb-bitch1: of course that's what i meant. you dumb b*tch!
dumb-bitch2: well you better have a tampon
dumb-bitch1: dang, i only have one. and it's used.
dumb-bitch2: just use your ipod as an ipon
dumb-bitch1: this just might work!
by mride123456 February 17, 2008

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