Being so tired, you begin to show all the symptoms of being drunk, such as:
1) Stumbling and/or falling over
2) Confusion during conversation
3) Inabilty to type
4) The equivalent to drunk texting
5) Thinking this is funny when you submit it to Urbandictionary.
I'm drunktired. Help me up man, cause I want to see if I can buy a dolphin on ebay.
by liddad June 29, 2011
Top Definition
To be so tired you start to act as if you were drunk. Also refered to as DT.
"Dude....did you ever know that your my hero?"
"Go to bed dude, you're so drunk tired."
by swage November 27, 2006
Feeling drunk without drinking any alcohol. Cause by staying up late or simply being tired. Also a possible cause is low/high sugar levels.
Alex: Man, did you hear this Google employee stayed up until 5am yesterday and mass emailed his company complaining about Google+?
Steve: "Duh, he was obviously drunk-tired."
by retry4z January 08, 2012
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