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a person, not necessarily a family member of any kind, who, when things around them are generally well will be ecstatic about any and everything, but similarly will turn dour/morose/angry/violent the moment things go slightly awry.
Dude1: Barry, is such a fucking drunk uncle. I can't stand it when he flips out like that over nothing.
Dude2: Uh... Barry isn't your uncle, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't been drunk the last two times we saw him.
Dude1: ...You're an idiot...
by T-Dubbs7488 October 23, 2007
The one who chose the bottle's curves over a woman's curves and never reproduced for whatever reason.
The family portrait never included drunk Uncle Fester because he was too drunk to stand for the photo.
by john2 November 16, 2007