A people who's job/hobby it is to hit expensive things with painted sticks.
I'm on the drumline.
by quads4eva October 03, 2007
Part of a Marching Band/Drum Corp that is related to the front ensemble or pit. Consisted of people who think they are cool because they can backstick... loudest players in the band... get the most crap from director... annoying bad asses?
Dude the drumline is dirty. What else is new?

I'm in the drumline so im going to try to play 4 times faster than the cadence is suppose to be so it can sound like crap!
by OldSchoolDrummin15 December 17, 2008
HOTT... but as you can see by other entries.. extremely obssesed with themselves... and extreme turnoff.. but there hott and can keep a beat.
look at that mark.. he is hott with a capital T... drumline is hott.. but max is conceded
by guard August 05, 2005
The part of the band that thinks the control the beat. That is usually done by the low brass. Generally 1/5 of them are decent musicians, 2/5 are ok musicians with huge egos, and the other 2/5 got lost on the way to footfall judging by their ability to count. Often times will play music so horribly wrong, you think that there must be a physical problem that causes their lack of rhythm.
"Stop that racket"
"It's not racket its <insert something from 'Drumline'>"
by all of the ness August 07, 2008
the source of marching band. they kill those huge horse flies that land on you with their drumsitcks at band camp (thanks guys!)
watch the movie Drumline you'll understand
by Meg December 09, 2003
The group of percussionists in any band that thinks that they are better than every other instrument because they can bang more than one drum.

Usually think of routines to make themselves seem cool.

Rarely are good at what they do (although my school may have had their first actual good routine this past week during their compitition).

Usually practice til insane times, but never sound like they've been practicing at all.
Drumline Member: I'm so cool cuz I can play MORE THAN ONE INSTRUMENT!!1! I can play bass drum AND cymbols AND mallets, WHEE!1!1one
by wahwah March 10, 2007
another name for your house phone(land-line)
oi blud bell me on ma drumline
by ATTEROL February 20, 2004
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