1. The sexiest people you'll ever meet. ( rainbow , taste the rainbow )

Usually made up of guys, but sometimes girls.

Band directors blame them for everything, and sometimes joke about their stupidity and their unability (Yeah, I know that's not a word) to read music. This is very rarely true.

Kick ass.

2. A dumb Nick Cannon movie. Everyone in marching band (esp. drummers!) is required to watch it and hate on it. :p
I know, your drumline is SO SEXY!
by MissSky May 26, 2010
1. The backbone of the band who don't 'just play drums' THEY LIVE. Made up of girls and guys.

2. The most mentally challenged part of a marching band that really knows how to have a good time.

3. A suck-ass movie.

4. The people you blame when the local school explodes.
Innocent bystander 1:
Is that the drumline over there pretending to murder each other?

Innocent bystander 2:
Yes. Yes it is.
by TheBlackKnight November 10, 2009
The best (and loudest) part of the marching band. Drumline practice is sometimes productive but mostly its just sitting around and making perverted jokes. Most of the marching band wishes they were us and/or think we are HAWT ;)
Marching band boy: dang look at that drumline! They are so awesome
MB girl: yeah and look at that guy playin quints, what a hottie
Boy: yea so is that snare chick. Girls who play drums are super hot.
by snare_chickkk_yeah July 29, 2010
Best part of the band period. But they don't rub it in. Down to earth people who can read music. Usually awesome athletes too. Definitely not your average band geek.
Where's Nicole going?

Band practice. She's on the drumline.
Is drumline even a part of the band? They don't act like it.
by Nat1395 November 09, 2009
The idiots of a high school band. But stars in DCI (Drum & Bugle corps International). Also the most fun and hard working section in the band by far. Consits of: 2-11 snares, 1-5 sects/quints/quads, 3-6 basses, 0-3 cymbals
Person #1 : did you see that drumline? they were amazing
Person #2 : Ya. They're idiots though
Person #1 : I don't care, they're still really cool
by Mattrip14 October 23, 2008
1. the section of the band that seems to be the gayest, the members of which are extremely perverted and make constant sex jokes and remarks.

2. the awesomest section in band. and no. trumpets are not better.


1. drumline position one!

2. drumline is better!

3. third place drumline.
by Taylor and Kara September 06, 2008
One of the best sections in a marching band. In competition, they are superior to the other sections in work, memorization skills, etc.
"DUDE, didja see the drumline last night?"
"Yeah, they were wicked, bro."
by thatchickinmarchingband October 10, 2011

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