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to defecate, take a shit, drop ass, pinch a loaf, throw the Bud Mud, make gravy, give birth
Man, will you hurry up!! I gotta drop the kids off at the pool!!!
by Tha Rza March 02, 2003
A term used to confuse your friends that you are physically driving your offspring to a public pool, yet in reality, you are just taking a shit.
Friend: "Yo, come chill."
Me: "Hold on, I'm droppin' the kids off at the pool!"
Friend: "Wait, what?"
Me: "He he he..."
by TheSodaGremlin October 12, 2011
in other words it's taking a shit
ben: Dude you've been in there for like 15 minutes, wat are ya doin? droppin the kids off at the pool?
by hanglestein July 13, 2010
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