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Droppin' Science means to rhyme, say or do something original or unique, especially when rapping or in music. This term was notably used by the Beastie Boys in the album Paul's Boutique, track six, song "The Sounds of Science"
Well I be dropping the new science

and kicking the new ka-knowledge

MC to a degree, that you can't get in College!
by Dudeman July 10, 2004
83 22
laying down something revolutionary, that changes you or messes you up crazy
When he hit the set, Joey Wornker was droppin' science.
by niggs to the M ax February 19, 2003
44 22
Choosing to party and score.
Jim had a biology class, but he'd rather spend study time knocking down brews, puffing kind or hittin' skins, so he's droppin' science or he'll be flunkin' science. Either way, he'll be retakin' science.
by Crustymix March 15, 2006
6 76