take a shit
P1)You've been in the bathroom forever!
P2)Yeah i know.. i had to drop a duce.
by Dawn September 12, 2002
The act of embarassing ones self for not doing a simple spell check.
"I didn't bother to google deuce so I spelled it wrong and proved to the WORLD that I'm a fucking moron!" drop a duce? I'm almost suprised you didn't spell it doos, dumbshit.
by JoBOOOO October 28, 2006
1. The slang terms "drop a duce" orginates from the word duce which means two. Meaning that releasing two seperate portions of fecal matter would be considered "Droping a duce".

2. In slang terms, restroom activities are represented by numbers. Number 1 being urination & Number two being defication (slang: shit) Inturn "Droping a duce." Means doing a Number 2.
Person 1: Dang man, where have you been?

Person 2: Sorry I had to drop a duce. (dependind on the person, restroom time varies)
by Jc Dub April 07, 2005
To take a nice good shit and letting everyone around know it too.
Yo niggah I gotta drop a duce my stomach been killin me all day.
by Cj Quinn May 02, 2010
The action of letting someone know that you are leaving for now. Informing them that, for the time being, are either leaving the premises and or departing for a seperate location. Equivilent to "giving the peace sign" or saying "Peace out Homie G". To preform this act simply hold a peace sign upside down while reciting "Drop a Duce"
Michael: Ight den' man, i'll see ya lata.
Adam: Ight foo. Drop a duce. hand sign
by Mr. McG May 09, 2006
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