To lose a good girl. To lose someone that you loved that was beautiful, that was a 10.
"You dropped your dime, so i picked it up." -Joe
Means: You lost your girl (Often means did something stupid to lose her) so now she's my girl, now she's fair game. That is another way to say "drop a dime"
by lmonmat June 25, 2009
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Mostly known in the adult industry, to describe the action of a women catching a man off-guard with her 'dime', in order to (hopefully) have sexual relations with him.

Also referred to as a nickel dropper (adj).

Sometimes called a 'dime piece'.
Girl: When he leasts expect it, I drop a dime on him.
Guy: Don't hang around with her, she's a dime dropper.
Rasheeda's 'Bubble Gum' song:

"He wanna show off this prize piece,

So drop them nickels off boy and get this dime piece."
by Radin May 20, 2011
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When a guy does something stupid/ idiotic to lose a perfect 10 or dime piece.
You did what? What a tool to drop a dime!
by dropadime June 25, 2009
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if you want a gal, sometimes you have to drop a dime on her
by john robert January 11, 2004
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