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playful term to describe your significant other or even a hobby. usually used to describe something you really really really (you can see where i'm goin' with this) like.
succinctly stated, your fix. abbreviation: droog
señor potatoes' droogie is nicky.
"droogie i miss you!"
by sweetpotatoes January 31, 2007
In reference to droog. A term first dubbed in the book A Clockwork Orange. It describes an ultraviolent gang member.
Used by Mustaine commonly to beckon to his true fans, as he enjoys this piece of literature. A T-Shirt was available in the past with the cover of A Clockwork Orange with Captain Vic replacing Alex.
It's time for a little ultra violence, droogies!
by Spaz_Unite February 11, 2008
A hardcore fan of the kickass thrash metal band Megadeth. The band's frontman, Dave Mustaine, uses the term when addressing his fans online.
If you don't mosh at the Megadeth concert you aren't a true Droogie.
by J. Arnier May 01, 2007
Slight reference to slang in A Clockwork Orange, but also a knucklehead poker player with the worst luck ever.
That dude just got beat by 23 with a runner runner flush! What a droogie!
by droogie April 25, 2004
A fan of popular speed metal band Megadeth.
Im a tr00 droogie of megadeth!
by Dave March 10, 2005
The name Dave Mustaine uses to refer to all the great Megadeth Fans!
Mustaine sez goodbye Droogies! :)
by jim August 02, 2004
a drunken boogie when on a good night out!
woman: hmmmmm dancey dancey, i'm drunken
woman 2: woooo let's droogie!
by jough March 31, 2008
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