Droopy-Boobies; the nickname for saggy breasts that are not supported; hanging breasts that usually start below where normal breasts end; poorly or non-supported breasts; breasts with nipples pointing south.
"Her droobies are grazing her belt."
by Miss Peeps September 15, 2006
Boobs that are abnormally droopy
Katherine: (Leans backwards) Hey Oliver can I please borrow a pen?

Jimmy D: (Spotting Katherine from across Classroom) Woah! Check out Buck's drooby's!!!
Jenna: Far out man, thats the best set of drooby's I've ever seen
Jessam: Bloody lesbian
by Drooby Buster February 25, 2006
Part of a quote from the film "A Clockwork Orange".
Alexander de Large: "Hi hi hi there my little droobies!"
by rafe_ August 14, 2005

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