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Basically any idiot that you come across... another definition for just plain stupid. not very many people know about really what the definition is it could almost be anything negative like a geek or a freak!
person 1:"hey, do you know a guy named christian??"
person 2:"yahh sadly hes my brother... he's a big drone"
by hell nah i aint tellin you July 22, 2011
6 4
Created by the Underground Hip-Hop group "KRH" meaning
Drunk and blown at the same time aka cross faded.
I was hella drone last night at the function!!
by YOYOYOYOYOYOYOYO209 February 02, 2010
3 1
The act of completely being fixated on your smart phone/device in a public place, esp. when you sitting with at least one other person.
Look around at any restaurant or bar. There's always one table full of people who are all completely engrossed in their smart phones. When you see your date/spouse/significant other checking a social network on their phones as they sit at a table/bar with you, tell them to "stop droning". I have told the people I am sitting with (at lunch) that I'm "checking out" and am going to drone for a while.
by debuke March 30, 2013
1 0
When someone eminates pure swag.
Yo that nigga be on that drone.
by NEONDOLLAR August 09, 2011
2 2
1) To speak for a long time in a boring manner.

2) A robot that walks and has arms and legs; can be used to describe people that are considered lifeless or bland.
1) And he was droning on and on about how our t-shirts need to be more original...

2) Timothy: That drone might get us with his laser vision!

2) Tim: Look at those drones not wearing extremely bright/dark colors! That's not unique at all! That's lame!
by Diggity Monkeez March 15, 2005
7 8
Kind of a little robot not controlled by man. With several functions, like repairing, shooting and scouting. The drones can have certain prefixes like repair drone and sentry drone.
1. Thanks to the repair drone circling my humvee it got repaired and was ready to go!

2. Becoz of the sentry drone on the roof I couldnt come through.
by drone March 11, 2005
8 9
- An alien enemy in the halo video game series.
- introduced in Halo 2.
- nicknamed "buggers" by your marine comrades.
- Cocky like an elite, pathetically weak like a grunt.
- Voted most annoying enemy in halo
"Buggers! over there!" ~ Sergeant Johnson - pointing out the drones flying over a rooftop in the first major fight scene of the level "Outskirts" in Halo 2.
by screamtillyoudie November 14, 2009
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