Created by the Underground Hip-Hop group "KRH" meaning
Drunk and blown at the same time aka cross faded.
I was hella drone last night at the function!!
by YOYOYOYOYOYOYOYO209 February 02, 2010
Noun: A male bitch
"Connor talks shit about everyone. He's such a drone."
by KimK'sLostEarring June 14, 2016

1. name given by mainstream media to a type of radio-controlled consumer gadget known to RC community as multicopter (not to be confused with real drones in use by the military to conduct aerial surveillance or air strikes). Multicopters can carry small payloads like small video cameras for recording or for first-person-view (FPV) while flying. Common multicopters come with four (4) or six (6) identically sized rotors.
A civilian got arrested in the Capitol area for flying a drone in a restricted airspace.
by are_you_kidding_me August 26, 2015
The act of completely being fixated on your smart phone/device in a public place, esp. when you sitting with at least one other person.
Look around at any restaurant or bar. There's always one table full of people who are all completely engrossed in their smart phones. When you see your date/spouse/significant other checking a social network on their phones as they sit at a table/bar with you, tell them to "stop droning". I have told the people I am sitting with (at lunch) that I'm "checking out" and am going to drone for a while.
by debuke March 30, 2013
Basically any idiot that you come across... another definition for just plain stupid. not very many people know about really what the definition is it could almost be anything negative like a geek or a freak!
person 1:"hey, do you know a guy named christian??"
person 2:"yahh sadly hes my brother... he's a big drone"
by hell nah i aint tellin you July 22, 2011
When someone eminates pure swag.
Yo that nigga be on that drone.
by NEONDOLLAR August 09, 2011
Someone who, in response to an offensive insult or claim about a product, person or interest, insults or reports the poster on any social media.
If you make a video about how the X-Box One sucks, then the drones accompanied to the X-Box One will go to your channel and insult you.
by IKBIND November 09, 2014
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