Slang term referring to the drug Mephedrone, currently experiencing an explosion of popularity in the UK.

Commonly found as a white powder/crystalline substance, it produces similar effects to Ecsasy or Cocaine when snorted/ingested. Gained an extremely large userbase in the United Kindom in 2009/10 due to it's legality, cheap price and relative purity.
1. I was thinking of doing some drone tonight, you up for it?

2. I was droned out of my mind last night
by 4methylmethcathinione March 02, 2010
Top Definition
drone(n): A drone is someone who follows an ideology or some other form of idealization blindlessly and uncritically.

The nouns original meaning is used in context with "social" insects, which are ordered into a hive structure. In an insect hive, drones are the workers - the ones gathering food, building the hive - in short: maintaining the hive, controlled by the queen, if not by some common instinctual fellowship and hierarchal order.
You're all a bunch of music industry drones.

Where is that drone-brother of yours? Still hanging around the arcade?
by Salomon August 16, 2004
pakistan's national bird, they are often found in areas near to Afghanistan border. they migrate from US!
SON- Look DAD, what kind of bird is that?
TERRORIST FATHER- FUCK!! hide ahmad you idiot that's an american drone!
by VALLY August 05, 2012
drone is a sub type of doom music its usualy long records with one note being played again and again very slowly about 1 bpm which builds into a wall of sound
a good drone band is sunn ((0))
by ed January 23, 2005
Individual who appears to lack concern, emotion, or enthusiasm.
I went to Wal-Mart one day to pick up some stuff, and all the sudden I saw a man slip and fall on spilled antifreeze in the automotive area. Other shoppers walked by and resumed their shopping as if nothing happened. Man, what a bunch of drones. (fiction)
by bill kapok March 15, 2005
a mindless worker/sales person at stores. Generally refers to an employee of a large company, ideally a grocery store.
"hey bob, where is the ketchup?"
"I dont know Pete, lets ask a drone"
"A what?"
"A drone. it is a term for an employee at a place such as this grocery store"
"Oh, okay. Thank you for explaining it so succinctly for me"
"No worries"
by not a drone June 13, 2009
one of those obnoxious kids who are all basically clones of each other. you know, those kids that all the girls like even though they have never produced an intelligent thought? They tend to all do the same things and be very popular with the proletariats. opposite of madhackr (by my definition)
just because that drone looks like freddie prinze my blonde love interest is into him
by madhackrlord February 02, 2003
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