teh mofo who thinks he's 1337, yet keeps fucking up great fora, by not ending contests, which he began.
drolsmurf: look, i can make a contest, like: a challenge... 11!1111!!!
everyone: drop that evo and get ur ass back to the challenge!!
by ParaNoia April 11, 2004
Top Definition
The epitome of stupidity. If someone were to ask me where to find the dumbest person, I would most definitely poin him towards a drolsmurf. These 'things' just run around naked all day shouting 'penis' at random people. Stay clear of supermarkets if you don't want to run into a drolsmurf.
<Evo> omg stfu u drolsmurf

<Evo> stop being a drolsmurf
by Evo April 10, 2004
A small, brownish piece of rubber, cubic-shaped, which nurses shove up old people's rectums.
<OldGuy> Nononononono no Drolsmurf up my ass plz!
<nurse> Stfu n00b
by Q-Wi-Q April 12, 2004
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