teh mofo who thinks he's 1337, yet keeps fucking up great fora, by not ending contests, which he began.
drolsmurf: look, i can make a contest, like: a challenge... 11!1111!!!
everyone: drop that evo and get ur ass back to the challenge!!
by ParaNoia April 11, 2004
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Top Definition
The epitome of stupidity. If someone were to ask me where to find the dumbest person, I would most definitely poin him towards a drolsmurf. These 'things' just run around naked all day shouting 'penis' at random people. Stay clear of supermarkets if you don't want to run into a drolsmurf.
<Evo> omg stfu u drolsmurf

<Evo> stop being a drolsmurf
by Evo April 10, 2004
A small, brownish piece of rubber, cubic-shaped, which nurses shove up old people's rectums.
<OldGuy> Nononononono no Drolsmurf up my ass plz!
<nurse> Stfu n00b
by Q-Wi-Q April 12, 2004

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