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These creatures are closely related to the plastic garden variety. However gnomes are made from tastic an alloy made from plastic and pixie dust which gives these creatures the ability to move around during certain hours as well as an odd affinity for pink flamigos and greasy barbeque.
Stop that Gnome its running away with my sausage-snitzel!
by Paranoia May 13, 2004
what an inbred hick wants to be called, the kind that use night vision scopes that are made for moving targets, like people
Holy shit!! I think i heard something!! I think its a kinfolk!
by paranoia October 19, 2003
teh mofo who thinks he's 1337, yet keeps fucking up great fora, by not ending contests, which he began.
drolsmurf: look, i can make a contest, like: a challenge... 11!1111!!!
everyone: drop that evo and get ur ass back to the challenge!!
by ParaNoia April 11, 2004
An expression, used towards stupid mofo's, who make a complete idiotic remark, which is logic or obvious as hell.
rich boy: look at me, i've got money, i have prestige, i'm capitalistic!
dude (slightly irritated): No Shit Sherlock! *hits him*
by ParaNoia April 10, 2004

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